About Recycle Care

Respected Industry Partner


At Recycle Care Australia (RCA), we’re dedicated to making a positive impact on our communities through our innovative national recycling and collection service. Our goal is to work closely with Australian charity partners, providing ongoing financial support to various organisations while also contributing to environmental preservation.


We take pride in delivering a high-quality and consistent service to all our suppliers, regardless of their size, and we strive to maintain fair market rates for all collected goods. RCA goes beyond being just a recycling company; we offer a unique opportunity for charitable organisations to expand their revenue streams and continue making a difference in their communities.


With a strong focus on sustainability, RCA processes and exports all collected products internationally, distributes them to developing countries, allowing for an opportunity to reuse. Our commitment to excellence and adhering to our social and ethical responsibilities has earned us an outstanding reputation within the industry and among our international and local partners.


Recycle Care Australia collaborates with Australian charity partners to provide a national recycling and collection service while supporting local communities. Our focus is on innovative strategies that address our ongoing desire for a circular economy and promote environmental sustainability. By partnering with charities, we aim to build a sustainable Australia where a circular economy is embraced, and our charity partners thrive.


Honest, Ethical & Respectful

Our organisation provides a professional and educational service and is fully committed adhering to our social responsibilities. We act honestly, ethically, and respectfully towards both our own staff and those with whom we work closely with.

Furthermore, we are accredited under the Clothing Reuse Export Accreditation Scheme, which has been implemented to instil confidence in our industry associates. This accreditation ensures that the donated and exported goods are responsibly handled for appropriate reuse export. Our processes have been assessed to meet environmental and social standards, with robust systems, checks, and balances in place to manage performance and identify potential risks.